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And boy did it hit me hard. I woke up a few weeks ago and could not write. For days, it didn't matter where I sat with my laptop, what I was wearing or how much coffee I'd had that morning. I tried listening to different playlists or putting films on in the background. With headphones and without. I sat in silence, I sang to myself and nothing worked. I could not form words let alone whole sentences. So I took a step back. 

The first few days were frustrating to say the least. I'd sit and try to come up with ideas for posts - nothing, tried finishing up those posts that just need another paragraph or two - nothing. I would sit with the laptop open on an empty page and just to see if anything came to me. It didn't, so I changed up my game plan. Rather than trying to force myself to write I just stepped back and told myself that it was ok to just wait for it to come back to me in it's own time. I didn't take or edit any photos, I didn't open Blogger and I didn't think of the pile of things I still haven't used yet because I haven't photographed them. I cut down on twitter chats and in turn ended up not even tweeting all that much. I avoided Bloglovin' and refused to open my gmail app at all. I stopped being a blogger for a few weeks.  
It was nice to get some days back to myself where I'm not constantly thinking about what I want to write, what photos to take for Instagram, what beauty bits I should try out or what time that bloody chat started that I keep missing. In the grand scheme of things, sure these are minuscule problems, but blogging is my number one hobby. I don't put as much effort into it as I probably should but I do love it. I get totally sucked into it, almost every aspect of it interests and intrigues me. Apart from Pinterest, I just don't get it. Sorry. I sometimes focus too much of my attention on certain parts of blogging and all that it entails so in turn end up neglecting other areas. For example, I'll have a couple hours free that I could be having a wee writing sesh and finishing up posts to prepare myself, instead I'm over on Twitter taking part in 3 different chats at the same time. I need to prioritise my time better and I have plenty tools to help me so hopefully if another block like this happens I might be a bit better equipped to deal with it.

Over the past couple days I've felt it come back. My urge to blog and all that comes with that. My abandoned camera now has fresh fingerprints over the slightly dusty coating that formed over it. My spare room is a bit of a shit tip from me trying to find appropriate backgrounds and props, the bed is the best thing to just chuck everything on and have a rummage. I really should tidy that up soon though. I even started opening up Blogger and the words started to flow again. Here we are over two weeks later; I'm back to editing, photographing and most importantly, I'm writing again. I want to write again and that's the main thing isn't it. There's no point in any of this if you're not enjoying it!

There wasn't much rhyme or reason to this post apart from to point out I was gone for a bit, I'm back now and it's ok to take a break every now and then. This is an all encompassing hobby and it can get a bit much at times. Be kind to yourself.

Alana x
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