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Yes I'm writing another vape piece, I'm not even sorry. Today our focus is on ECigaretteDirect and this is quite a step up from my Subvod, prepare yourself for technological fanciness. I was very kindly sent this kit out and after having the choice of 4 options (beginner, intermediate flavour, intermediate clouds and advanced users) I went with the intermediate flavour. I'm a big fan of flavour when it comes to vaping, I started it as a means to giving up smoking and the whole cloud thing doesn't interest me. I just need something that I'd rather have than cigarettes. I absolutely loved the look of the advanced battery but knew it was just too far out of my comfort and knowledge zone when it comes to vaping. Maybe in the future I'll upgrade but for now let's get on with this kit.

As this is just a first impressions post, I won't have every detail about each item here, some of them sure but I will be saving the rest of them for a future post after giving this kit a try for a good 3-4 weeks. I feel like I'll be able to give you a proper review after giving it a proper test run.
First up, the battery. I went with the Tesla Nano 60W*. My main reason for choosing this battery is that I'm forever knocking over my Subvod, dropping it or standing it up on the table and having a dug run full pelt into it knocking it over. I honestly don't know how the Pyrex glass panel from the clearomiser hasn't smashed yet. As you can see above though the Tesla is a chunky wider battery rather than the pencil style I'm used to, hopefully this will result in a less banged up vape. The first thing I noticed about it was it's weight, it's much heavier than I was expecting it to be but with all it's features it's not surprising. It's a 3600mAh lipo battery, has a wattage range of 7-60W and it has an adjustable temperature if you don't like your vape too hot but don't want to compromise wattage.
Next up is the Aspire Nautilus Mini BVC Clearomiser*, I went with this one as it's so different from the one I currently use and I wanted to try something new. No point writing about the same stuff over and over again (she's says whilst writing her third or fourth vaping piece). So my current Subvod kit uses a clearomiser with a 3.2ml capacity that you fill from the top which I find so simple, you can keep everything together, fill it up and you're done. The Nautilus Mini however, you fill from the bottom, not the most difficult thing in the world but after using only my Subvod this will take some getting used to. Coming in at just 2ml capacity I know I'll have to refill this a bit more regularly than I'm used to. That could be a problem as I tend to forget to pop a bottle of liquid in my bag about 97% of the time. Off the bat, my two favourite things about this are how sleek it looks and I'm a big fan of the airflow adjustment ring which gives you a few more options depending on how much of an intake you'd prefer. I'm all about these options!
Last but not least we have the Cheap Thrills Rush Rush Yayo! e-liquid*. First things first, this bottle is a whopping 60ml! That's double the size of any other liquids I've tried in the past. Due this larger bottle, it is a bit pricier coming in at £24.99 a bottle but for more than double the liquid I'd usually get I would be willing to pay this in the future. After consulting a friend, he informed me that Cheap Thrills are a pretty amazing company with the products to prove it so I was more than excited to try this out! The flavour Rush Rush Yayo contains apple, watermelon and strawberry which are all flavours I'm a fan of, I definitely prefer a fruitier flavour liquid over anything else. I bought some cereal flavoured liquids a few months back to try something different and I gotta say I wasn't a fan, so malty, bleurgh! I think I'll just stick to fruit, unless any of you have recommendations that you think I should give a go, let me know below if you do.

So overall, first impressions, I'm pretty impressed! This is definitely a step up from what I'm used to but like I said I'll be back in a few weeks with a more in depth review of how I got on with it. What do you think? Would you try any of these particular products out? Would you perhaps be up for a cheeky giveaway? ;)

Alana x
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*Disclaimer: I was sent these products free of charge to review but all words, images and opinions remain 100% mine.

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