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I've seen a few posts flying around the blogging world about Pawsomebox and thought it was such a great idea, so when they offered to send me one out for George I couldn't say no. This was our first christmas with George so he did get a tad spoiled. So much in fact that he has treats and chews to probably last the first 5 months of 2017. While he'll give a bark when the door goes he never destroys any post or packages that come through so he didn't spoil any of the surprises waiting for him inside this box!
First up, the practical products! While we can't really give George baths, (due to his abusive past, we both feel very uncomfortable trying to lift him into a bath, plus he weighs like 25kg, fuck that) we do look after plenty other dogs that get mucky from park adventures so this Plouf shampoo will come in pretty handy. Equally, as dog walkers we often spend a lot of our day picking up dog shit and so any amount of bags from anyone is always very welcomed and appreciated! It's still pretty dark in the later afternoon so them being very bright bags can only help.
Ah food, the one thing we can use if George isn't listening to us. Don't get me wrong, we don't treat him for inappropriate behaviour but if, for example, he's lying in a doorway and we need out, we can't just climb over him or gently nudge him out the way as we might end up with a fright bite (I've had them before and they are not nice, I'd rather avoid them all together if I can!) Instead, we'll go to the kitchen and grab a treat or two, ask him if he'd like them so he moves out our way and hey presto, everybody wins. We get out the room without losing any digits and Georgey boy gets a few treats. 
Last up, the toys! I planned to space out giving these to George so he wouldn't get too overwhelmed alongside all his christmas gifts, but he had other plans. He got maybe 5/10 minutes of 'playing' before these were completely destroyed! The only thing he can't destroy so far are Chuckit balls but we still buy him other things because he just looks so happy ripping things apart. Funnily enough, his favourite things to play with are empty juice bottles. He'll chew the lid off, spit that out, tear the label off then go to town on the actual bottle. They last quite a while surprisingly but they are pretty noisy.

I was quite impressed with this box to be honest. There was a little bit of everything for pet and owner alike. The toys might be destroyed but he's been loving the treats and for the short while he had the toys, he did have a big grin on his face. The bags have come in handy just like I said they would and we haven't used the shampoo yet but it's nice knowing we have it and can take the pups on mucky walks if we want to.

If you'd like to try out Pawsomebox head over to their website (here), the boxes are made up depending on your dogs age, hair type and size to include appropriate treats and toys.

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