Boxing Day Haul

Alternate title: Stuff I got the day after Boxing Day but '27th December Haul' didn't quite have the same ring to it.

It was quite a quiet festive period in the Mullen/Clark household this year, we had pups to walk and lots of kitties to visit throughout December including christmas eve, day and boxing day! However on the 27th I found myself with no walks for the day and Euan offered to do the cats so I could go up town for a wee wander. I was very kindly given a Topshop voucher from his parents so I decided to pop in to see what was on offer. I also stopped in at Primark, Lush and Superdrug so I thought I'd just throw it all in a boxing day type haul for you all to have a nosey.


One of my favourite things about winter is all the dark toned colours out there, I'll always try to pick up a couple bits that I'll wear throughout the year. I'm also trying to put a bit more effort into what I wear this year instead of just flinging on whatever I find first. I thought these two jumpers were pretty versatile and could be worn a good few ways. Keep your eyes peeled, I might do some OOTD posts this year! I actually ended up wearing the jumper on the right for New Year's Eve and felt pretty fantastic in it which is not a feeling I usually associate with clothing.

I'm sure Topshop only goes up to a size 16 so I'm very rarely in the shop and when I do go in, it's to see what accessories they have in. With this is mind, I'm also pretty clueless when it comes to any collaborations they do so I had no idea what the Ivy Park range was when I saw the racks but I had a nosey anyway. I don't actually have any sports bras/tops so when I found this black and navy ribbed (ew) number I was pretty pleased to see the sizing going up to XXL. 

It fits an absolute dream and while it probably won't contain my mammaries through vigorous exercise, I'm sure it'll hold up for 20 minutes bursts on ellipticals, cross trainers and stationary bikes. It came in at £18 reduced from in the £30 mark so half price-ish which I'm more than happy with! I wasn't a huge fan of the range as a whole but I liked the subtlety of this one with it just having the Ivy Park on the back and quite small. Most other pieces were covered in it and I'm just not a fan. 


I saw this bag in Primark for about £3 and couldn't help but snatch it up! I've got a few small clutches and a fair few bigger bags that aren't always suitable depending on where I'm going (my dog walking rucksack doesn't really complete any of my date night outfits) but I don't really have any medium kinda bags. I needed a bag big enough to fit my purse, phone, keys and portable charger and I saw this on a hanger for £3, done deal.
I'm a total sucker for kitschy headgear so when I saw this Orelia headband I fell in love. Although I nearly screamed when I saw the price tag said EIGHTEEN POUND. Luckily it was reduced to a mere £2.50 in the sale so in my basket it went! How would you even describe this to someone? A space bun/flower crown crossbreed? Whatever, I love it.

Makeup + Bath
I struggled to look around Lush properly as it was pretty mobbed, pretty much all of their sale stock was gone but I did manage to pick up Euan some festive soap to try out, his trusty bubble bar and I got myself this eyeliner in the shade In Charge which I can't wait to try out. I love eyeliner and think this flash of bright blue would make a nice change from the black I forever wear. I'm also going to see if it'll work as a lippy, could you imagine this next to my hair?!
When I went down to check out the makeup in Topshop I was pretty pleased to see their lipsticks were down to £4. They had a crap load of colours but I went with these three purple shades. In Depth, Straight Ace and Sweet Orchid from left to right. I've had In Depth before, it was raved about years ago when I first started blogging and I'm pretty sure it was one of the first ever 'bloggers made me buy it item' and I fucking loved it, so of course I managed to lose it. Pretty glad to have it back in my life, I love rocking dark lips all throughout the year. I'm also still into deliberately clashing my lipstick with my hair so Straight Ace will be seen on me frequently. I've not tried many pastel lips so I'm hoping Sweet Orchid wears well and doesn't totally wash me out.
I did it. I caved. I finally bought a Zoella product. Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate the girl or anything, I'll watch her videos every now and then if I think I'll like the products mentioned but I didn't rush out and buy everything when she launched her lifestyle range. Most of it just doesn't appeal to me, a younger crowd maybe but it's not for me. These bath fizzers might be one of the few exceptions. I thought there were just the three gingerbread men in the pack but I love that they've made them in a way that you get two uses from each man (lol) so 6 baths for the reduced price of £2.99, score! 
So that's it for my almost Boxing Day haul, any favourites? If you've written a similar post leave me your links below, I'm a nosey cow and love reading them!

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