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I took part in my girl gangs secret santa this year and I was so overwhelmed with the gifts I got that I just had to show you all! For those who don't know, I'm in a girl gang called the Podlings and I've written a (very popular) post about them that you can read right here. I missed out on the Halloween swap so when December rolled around, I knew I'd be taking part in this one. Let me tell you, I'm glad I did. Obviously receiving all these gifts was utterly amazing and you can read more about them below but it was also great seeing all the other girls receiving their gifts. There has been so much love, thankfulness and appreciation buzzing among us and it's been great, especially helpful for my mental state and hopefully some of the other gals too!

I'd show you everything wrapped up all perfect and unopened but simply put, I can't. A lot of us in the group decided to open our gifts using the facebook live feature (only within the group, apart from in pods, facebook live needs to do one) or recording a video and uploading it for some, so the gals could watch along. I'm afraid you will all just have to put up with my piss poor attempts at flatlays.
So you can keep that glow... The Anatomicals Face Care From Worrying Complex To Wonderful Complexion face pack set that contains "Get outta my face, dirtball!" apricot face scrub, "Hawaii Five-Glow" tropical hydrating face mask and "The hottie tottie is never spotty" anti-blemish face mask. I don't think I've ever tried anything from Anatomicals but I've always been aware of them and their eye catching names for products. I can't wait to try all three of these out, I bloody love a facemask. How do I decide which one to try out first though?
So you never have an excuse not to blog... 365 Blog Topic Ideas For The Lifestyle Blogger Who Has Nothing to Write About, a blog planner notepad and a gold gel pen. I was overjoyed when I opened up this parcel. I've followed Dana Fox for years now and I love her content, now she can help me with my own!  I recognised the notepad as soon as I opened it as a Dot Creates piece (I regularly visit their website and mentally purchase one of everything) so I was really excited to open this up. Also, who doesn't love a gel pen? I'm quite possessive of nice pens so Euan won't be getting his hands on this. 
So you'll never forget you're out of this world... I fucking love this choker! It's on a felt band and the little planet charm is very Vivienne Westwood. I've never been one to match accessories but this will look fab with my Vivienne Westwood jelly shoes. Who knows I might even do some OOTD posts next year so you might get to see it in action.
So you can release your inner child this christmas day... After I opened all these gifts, I popped everything into the box they arrived in just to keep everything out of the way of pups until we find homes for all our new things so I didn't use this on christmas day but I absolutely love colouring books for relaxing and taking my mind off things when it gets a bit cluttered up there. I can colour in christmas things after christmas right?  Let's see if I can finish it before next christmas!
So not just the puppy paws will be smelling like biscuits... These are absolutely adorable! The cookie cutters are in the shapes of a labrador and a basset hound because our dog George is a basset lab cross. I just think that level of gift giving is truly beautiful. I love the fact that my gal went out of her way to add in George to my gifts. I've seen a lot of these Ladybird books flying about and this one is just perfect for me. I am such a dog person, as you probably already know, so this will be taking pride of place in my bookcase.
So you never forget you've got ya girls to inflate you whenever you need... How perfectly cute is that?! This lil dolphin will be getting kept far away from George and his chompy jaw, I know he'd have the best 0.5 seconds with it before destroying it. Anything above counter level and it should be safe though, George and his tiny legs can't reach that high, ha!
So you can put your hero up on your wall... Everyone knows I love Mick Foley, I make no secret of it. He's one of my heroes and I'm still amazed that I can say I've met him on multiple occasions. This will be getting framed and will hang with pride most probably in my bedroom.
So you've got a traditional present. Well, it's not christmas until someones bought you these bits... Socks and smellies but with a twist! There were no groans of 'oh great' when I opened this parcel because look at those fucking socks! They are cutest socks I think I've ever seen and I love them so much I'm scared to wear them in case I ruin them. The I Love... Cosmetics range is pretty fab, Euan and I are always picking up a bottle here and there so when I received these two bottles I was pretty pleased. Both are smells I absolutely love, Strawberries and cream, and caramel. Definitely digging these 'traditional' gifts.
So it can always smell like christmas... Give me a candle with cinnamon, apple or berry scents and I will love it. I often have that 'christmas smell' throughout the flat all year round with candles, plugins and air fresheners as it just calms me so much. I need to find some little dishes or candle holders to pop these votives in before I light them so I might nip down to Poundland/ B&M soon.
Take George and the pods with you everywhere! Right, so these are nail decals of dolphins (for the podlings obviously) and dogs but with my actual dogs face on them! I think my gal must have picked two pictures that I'd posted of my derpy dog from one of my social medias and popped over to an Etsy shop called Euani where the little genius owner can turn them into decals for personalised manicures. These are just great, don't you think? I'm absolutely horrendous at doing my nails so I might pop into a salon at some point to get my nails done properly and have these added. Maybe not every nail but an accent George/dolphin would look pretty sweet.
I love sprouts and I don't give a fuck if you don't. One of my favourite things about the festive season is there are sprouts absolutely everywhere and I can buy them in almost every food shop. This little postcard will be going on the fridge (maybe I should try to find a sprout magnet) and like most of my christmas chocolate I still haven't opened these milk chocolate sprouts but I will slowly work my way through them.
To finish off this wonderful box are some more sweet treats! A chocolate santa, a candy cane and a cracker that were both sent to live on my black christmas tree and Parma Violets! I fucking love Parma Violets and even started a thread in our group to find out who else liked them. Love that my gal remembered that and included some.
I was absolutely blown away by all of this. The amount of effort that my gal went to actually left me in a stunned silence for a while. Yes, me, speechless. Every gift was perfect and so well thought out. She went to a real effort with everything and I feel like thank you's just aren't enough. Every gift is something I love or have mentioned before that she's either hunted for or remembered and I love that there's such a mix of things. It's literally me in a box!

Hannah if you read this, you are a beautiful soul and I'm so in love with everything in here. For about the tenth time, thank you so fucking much!

Did you take part in any secret santa swaps this year? Let me know below what you got and/or what you sent!

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