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Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this week's Colours of Christmas was actually shot during the day with natural lighting and I didn't have to blind myself with the livingroom lamps. I even washed and curled my hair which might not seem like much to others but I'm taking it as a win. Means my mental health is on an up right now and I actually want to look after myself. Who can complain about that! As you can see from the title, this week's theme was a more traditional look for christmas (I told you those colours would find their way back) and due to my positive mood right now, I really had fun with this one!

Traditional christmas looks for me are always a red lip, a gold eye and a strong liner. I think I'm pulling it off despite the clashing with my hair. As you can clearly see, I have bright blue hair so whenever I go for a red lip, I always feel like Thing 1/2 from The Cat In The Hat. Saying that I regularly mismatch on purpose, it's just this particular one that makes me feel like a cartoon character.

If we can gloss over the obvious issues I was having with my eyeliner today that would be great, as for the rest of my face, I stuck with my usual base and brows (if anyone's interested in posts on these let me know) and then I looked for every gold eyeshadow and tried to make my eyes as sparkly as I could. Which turned out to be not that sparkly, I need to get a hold of some eye glitters for future looks like this. I added a rose brown into my outer corner for some depth and a bright white and gold marbled inner eye highlight.
For my lips I used the I Heart Makeup The Wow Stick in the shade Call Me which was perfect for this look but I found it super drying! Next time I use it I'll make sure to give my lips a good scrub and plenty moisture beforehand. I decided to just do a subtle highlight (for once) as I wanted the main focus to be my lips and eyes. I'm used to covering myself in the stuff so this was a bit new,
I really enjoyed this week's look and I'm pretty sure it's because when I wear a good red lip I instantly transform into a kick ass goddess who can be touched by nobody. Doing it during the day probably helped out a fair bit as well, the pictures look so much better than my previous attempts (week one, week two). I'm working on convincing my boyfriend that we I need a vanity table in our bedroom so if that happens I'm sure my daliances with makeup will become a lot more frequent and much more light filled!

Don't forget to check out Aine's take on this weeks theme right here and let us both know what you think of the looks.

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