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Double post today! I think that's the first time that's ever happened round here although it won't be the last as I've got another couple posts I want to done throughout December on top of the advent calendar posts I'm doing. Are you enjoying these door reveal posts by the way? Today is the second look from the Colours of Christmas collab I'm doing with HonestlyAine and this week it's festive fancy.

I'm still trying to get used to photographing my face to show off particular makeup and of course my inspiration to do faces always strikes at night when it's dark so I've had to use the flash on my camera and sit really closely to our livingroom lamp to try and get these photos to turn out somewhat decent. I really should invest in some softboxes already and save myself this hassle but until then, lamps n flash it is!
I decided this week to take the focus off my eyes and instead highlight, well my highlight. If you're new around here, I absolutely adore a glow. Cheekbone highlight, eyebrow bone highlight, even a wee nose highlight! I know most people abhor it but I make no apologies. Going with a simple look then going a tad ott with multiple highlights, I think I managed to pull this off. However I did have a pretty packed week so I forgot to photograph any of the makeup used in this look and I also didn't make any notes so I'm afraid I can't remember everything used. Do you prefer knowing which products were used or just seeing the final result?

While I might not be able to remember everything I used, I do remember the highlighters I used and they are the main focus of this look so let's talk about them! I used a really soft highlighter from Poundland (Makeup Gallery) of all places on the cheekbones with a pearl Makeup Revolution layered on top. I then took a pink toned highlighter again from Makeup Revolution and went to town on my cheekbones (because the other two just weren't sparkly enough on their own), the bridge of my nose, my eyebrow bones, my cupid's bow then very lightly on my chin and forehead. Like I said I love a glow.
So it's a bit short and sweet this week but do you prefer that or do you want me to go back to the detailed posts next week? I mean I don't mind either way if I'm honest but I figure it's you that are reading so surely it would make sense to write what you like. If I was a bit more skilled with makeup I would have loved to try out a snapchat style deer filter with a lovely shiny nose and extra glitter everywhere. Maybe I'll still give it a go and see what happens! 

Now that you've seen mine, you can pop over to Aine's blog for her take on this weeks theme right here and don't forget to check out last week's look 'Alternative Christmas', mine is here and Aine's is here.

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