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Hello and welcome to the final look for Colour of Christmas, the festive collab I've been doing for the past month with Aine (check out her blog here). As I said at the beginning of this, photographing my face is a bit of a challenge, apart from those Insta selfies however I've found as the weeks go on I have actually been enjoying it more. Who knows, this might not be the last of 'looks from lana'!
This week's theme was Christmas Party so think office parties, that last night out with your pals before everyone splits for the holidays, etc. Now this one I did struggle with slightly. I work with my boyfriend and we look after dogs so office parties aren't a thing in my life. A party in the park with the dogs sure but there would be no point in wearing makeup to that, I'd just end up covered in dog slobbers and mud! I don't really go out that much anymore either so I thought back to my McTime (a very alcohol filled time in my life) and tried to create a look that I would have worn for a night out with the crew.
Not to break my flaky tradition but I don't have product particulars again (does it actually bother anybody? Like I'll start making more of an effort with that if people would prefer) but I'm sure if anyone did want to recreate this it would be simple enough! We'll just skip past the brows that are in serious need of doing and jump right into my eyes. I went for shimmer shades all over with this; a mint green lid, a blue outer crease and silver inner eye highlight. I actually loved this eye look and I'm going to try it again but use a different liner. It's not great here, I accept that but there was no way I was washing everything off to start again. For anyone wondering, it was Collection Waterproof Fast Stroke eyeliner and I highly recommend you don't waste your money on it. I've had nothing but trouble with it since I decided to buy it!

For my lips I went with a red again but this time blended in some gold eyeshadow to tie it to the shimmer to my eyes. My skin just wasn't playing ball when I was creating this look and now that I'm sitting here I'm picking out all the patchy faults. When I redo this I'll probably use a more heavy duty foundation for a flawless base then let the eyes and lips do the talking. I know everyone says pick one feature to focus on but I'm kinda digging this look and let's be honest I don't follow many of makeups 'rules'!
I think this is one of those looks that the idea was fab but the execution wasn't the best it could be. I'll definitely try to recreate it soon with a lighter hand (especially on that liner!) but overall I'm pleased with it. It's sparkly, it's got a nice shimmer that will catch every light in da club when you're dancing away.

Don't forget to check out Aine's look this week (right here) and let us know what you think about them and all the previous ones! What has been your favourite of them all? Aine's Snow Fairy was definitely mine!

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