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Look we made it a whole week of actually sticking to sometime! Do you think the whole 21 days to make something a habit thing counts when it comes to blogging? Could this be the thing that finally sets me off on the daily blogging road? Well I mean, I highly doubt it but it might teach me some organisational skills that I'm severely lacking in!
Day seven and we have... a baked blush.
I love the look of this! I'm really pale and while I can use brighter blushes and just use less, I adore colours like this that I can just swirl my blush brush around in and sweep on my face. It looks quite cool toned (to me, please tell me if I'm wrong, how else will I learn?) and I think it's going to look quite nice against my complexion.

Oh and what's the difference between regular blush and baked?
Definite hit for me!
Would you be happy with this product?

Did you see door #6?

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