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Today is my last day in Liverpool so I better make sure I have everything charged up and ready for the journey home. I'm not leaving until 4pm but it means I won't get home until about 10.30. Hopefully I don't give the dog too much of a fright coming in the door!

Day four and we have... a strobe balm. 
I'm a complete noob when it comes to strobing. Is it just like highlighting but somehow different? Either way, it's got a good glow to it so I'll definitely be googling some tutorials on how to perfect the art of strobing. If I get it right, I can be as twinkly as a christmas tree bauble for the rest of December and feel fabulous.
We all know I love a good glow so I can see this being a bit of a hit.
Would you be happy with this product?

Did you see door #3?

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