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Merry christmas or happy dec 25th! I hope whatever you are doing today you are happy. This year is my first christmas with Euan, George and the hammies but it'll be a pretty quiet one. We've got some cat visits to do for people who have gone away for christmas but apart from that we'll just be having a chill day in the flat and hopefully we'll get a festive takeaway later. While 'christmas dinner' is one of my favourite meals we didn't see much point in getting everything for just the two of us, plus we have veggie roasts quite regularly!

Day twenty five and we have... the Redemption palette!
Although I said in yesterday's post I don't like spoiling surprises, from the first day I opened up this calendar I knew this would be a palette. It was the same last year although there's a big difference between this years and last years. I'm in love with this one! The one last year was filled with quite a few colours that I haven't even touched to this day. The redemption palette however I can see me trying out every colour at least once.
I don't own one but as soon as I opened this I thought it looked like a pretty good dupe for the coveted Urban Decay Naked palette. The colours aren't exact but I'm definitely getting Naked vibes from it. Regardless, I love it and I can't wait to see what looks I can put together with it. I really want to get the Mermaids vs Unicorns palette from the Redemption range as well, in fact pretty much every palette from Makeup Revolution and her sisters!
Most definitely a hit!
Would you be happy with this product?

Did you seen behind door #24?

There we have it folks, that's the calendar finished and with it my blogmas posts! I'm kinda impressed at myself for doing this, I didn't miss any days, I only posted a couple posts early by mistake and a handful have been posted later in the day but I did it! It wasn't as inventive as some people's posts but I've had a couple people tell me they've enjoyed reading them which was nice. That little bit of vaildation goes a long, long way!

Scheduling is out the window for the rest of the year and I'll probably get a couple posts up before the end of the year but just in case I don't have a happy new year and I'll definitely see you in January. Who is making resolutions for 2017? Let me know below what your goals are and enjoy the rest of your christmas day!

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