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Merry christmas eve everyone! When I was younger we had our traditions like I'm sure many of you will have. My brother and I would get to open one present and it was always a pair of the softest, cosiest pyjamas that we were then allowed to change into and we'd all snuggle down to watch A Muppet's Christmas Carol singing along to every song then off we'd pop to bed so that 'Santa' could get to work. I've known since I was about 5 so I always knew it was so my mammy had peace to wrap our presents up but my brother and I still gave her the peace. I've never been one for spoiling surprises. If I ever accidentally find presents, I never snoop more. I'll actually go so far as to tell the person I found them so they can hide them again.

I might be 28 years old but I've carried on those two traditions ever since, apart from one very drunken year spent in the pub when I was 18. If I can't afford to get myself new jammies I'll at least always make sure to get myself a wee pair of cosy slipper socks or something and it's quite easy to watch movies these days. What did your family do for christmas eve if anything? Let me know below!

Day twenty four and we have... our final lipstick!
I adore a classic red shade. It's always my go to lip colour if I'm need a bit of a boost. Something about swiping this colour on makes me feel like a total fucking badass who can conquer anything. Maybe I should start putting it on in the morning so I get out of bed and get my tidying done before the day has even started! While I have far too many red shades (according to my very wrong boyfriend) this is going to be a welcome addition to the family and I'm sure it'll be well loved just like it's other sisters.
Of course it's a hit!
Would you be happy with this product?

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