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You'll have no doubt seen a few tweets here and there about blogmas, well here we are December 1st! Is pinch punch first of the month still a thing? Now I love watching and reading people do v/blogmas but I'm the most unorganised person ever so I never thought it would be a possibility for me. I'd either forget about it and do nothing, stress myself out every day trying to get the next again day's post up or just give up at some point.

However, on my birthday (at exactly midnight because I'm an adult) I opened up my presents from Euan and one of them was the Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar that I'd been very vocally lusting after for weeks previously. He clearly took my moaning on board and got me it to shut me up! As soon as I opened it I knew I could do at least 25 days of blogmas as I had it sitting in my hands.

Sorry to break it to you but it's only halfway through November and I'm writing these posts. I figure the best shot I have of actually doing this is to plan it properly and give myself the time to actually get them written and edited. These posts will just be reveals of what was behind each door rather than actual reviews (a bit difficult considering some of the items, you'll see) but if you do want more info on anything just let me know.

Without further rambling, let's crack on!
Day one and we have... a lipstick.
Good start, I love a lippy. Despite that previous sentence, I don't have much in the way of nudes. It's just never a colour that's really excited me if I'm honest, I'm all about the reds and purples, plus I always think it'll look shite next to my pale skin. I will give this a go though, I would like to see if I can rock a less out there lip just sometimes.
I'd say this is middle of the road for me, I don't hate it, I don't love it.
Would you be happy with this item?

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