A small splurge on TAM Beauty

A few days before Black Friday (don't even get me started on that) I was having my usual nosey on TAM Beauty and noticed they had already started their sale, after a quick chat with Euan I gave myself the budget of £15 to get myself some bits and pieces. I ended up going mostly for things I've wanted to try for a good while now and a couple gambles. I'm quite bad for sticking to what I know so I took a chance on some things new to me.

I spent a grand total of £11 and the delivery was only £2.95 so I came in under my budget at a whopping £13.95 and if I'm honest I'm quite surprised. I'm a massive Makeup Revolution fan so I'm impressed at the self control I actually managed! I'm sure if I didn't have a budget I would have spent a lot more. Maybe I'll start putting a few pound here and there away then treating myself again. 

First up is the Makeup Revolution Give Them Darkness palette. I'd seen this around Halloween time but kept putting off getting it for no reason so when it showed up on the site as £3 I couldn't pass it up this time round. My reasons for wearing blue and purple eye looks so much is twofold; 1. it matches or clashes with my hair depending on the shade and I love that, and 2. I always think it makes the colours of my eyes pop that bit more and really who is going to complain about that? My favourite shades so far have to be Suspicious, Twilight, Scare and Nightmare. You might recognise this palette from week one of Colours of Christmas, the collab I'm doing with Aine from Honestly Aine. I couldn't resist using it for my alternative christmas look, Give was the perfect shade for what I was trying to do so for once I dived right in without worrying about this post first. That's something I need to work on actually, using things even if I'm going to post about them, such a waste otherwise. It would have just sat gathering dust until this post was up!

Next up we have the first two of five lip products I got myself. The Freedom Makeup Pro Butters Lipgloss in Jammy Dodger and the Pro Melts Lipgloss in Just Do It, both costing an entire pound each. I really don't wear that much lipgloss (as you've probably read about if you're following my blogmas posts) but there was something about these two colours that just totally drew me in. The red, well we all know I love a red lip, and the blue was just calling to me through the page so I caved and added it to my basket. They aren't completely opaque but they are buildable. I'm definitely on that matte lip hype so these will take some getting used to but just look at those colours!
Speaking of loving a red lip, as soon as seen the I Heart Makeup The Wow Stick in the shade Call Me, I knew it would also be making it's way into my basket. I've not tried too many lipsticks in this crayon type form, I'm a sucker for a bullet but I had high hopes for this. The colour payoff is amazing and it's so opaque with just one swatch, the only downside is it's super drying! You'll have seen it featured in week three of Colours of Christmas (see, I'm continuing that actually using products thing) and while I love the colour, like I mention in that post, I'll need to give my lips some extra attention before I even think about putting this on again.
Freedom Makeup London Pro Studio Dramatic Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover. This was one of my gamble products and boy am I glad I went for it.Now that I'm transitioning over to cruelty free products I need to find some alternatives for my most loved items One of which being an Olay eye makeup remover that is remarkable and can remove the most stubborn of eyeliner flicks but once it's finished it won't be getting purchased again. While I don't find this works quite as well, it's a very close second so I can't moan about it too much. Plus it doesn't sting the absolute fuck out of my eyes which is a bonus considering I'll be using this all over my delicate eye area.
Another one that I need to find a cruelty free version of, foundation. Just now I have a bit of a mish mash of foundations and only a couple of them are actually decent colour matches (I swear I've gotten paler) so I picked up the Makeup Revolution The One Foundation in shade 1 which I'll admit, I didn't realise was just plain bloody white. I assumed shade 1 would be a nice pale foundation with a hint of colour that would suit my pale skin perfectly but it's actually just paper white. All is not lost though, I have a few foundations that aren't even close to being the right colour for me (no I don't know why I have them either) so I've taken to using this to lighten them up before applying them and it works a dream! It's no Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops but for a pound it's basically doing the same job, right?
Last things I promise and I saved my favourite for last. Now I'm not usually a huge lover of faffy lipsticks. Y'know those ones that have to be applied in layers then you apply a balm, blah blah blah. I just can't be arsed but when I saw these two Lip Powers I just had to try them out. I got the shades Yesterday's Favourite (the red) and Anticipate It (purple) Well, I absolutely love them! The lipsticks are perfect if that's all your after but the complimenting glosses (yeah I know, I hate lipgloss right?) are just that little extra on top. There are four more shades in the Lip Power line and I think I might just have the get the rest pretty soon!

So much writing for such a small haul! Any of these products jump out at you? Anything else you'd recommend from TAMBeauty?

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