Podling Secret Santa

I took part in my girl gangs secret santa this year and I was so overwhelmed with the gifts I got that I just had to show you all! For those who don't know, I'm in a girl gang called the Podlings and I've written a (very popular) post about them that you can read right here. I missed out on the Halloween swap so when December rolled around, I knew I'd be taking part in this one. Let me tell you, I'm glad I did. Obviously receiving all these gifts was utterly amazing and you can read more about them below but it was also great seeing all the other girls receiving their gifts. There has been so much love, thankfulness and appreciation buzzing among us and it's been great, especially helpful for my mental state and hopefully some of the other gals too!

Behind door #25 | Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

Merry christmas or happy dec 25th! I hope whatever you are doing today you are happy. This year is my first christmas with Euan, George and the hammies but it'll be a pretty quiet one. We've got some cat visits to do for people who have gone away for christmas but apart from that we'll just be having a chill day in the flat and hopefully we'll get a festive takeaway later. While 'christmas dinner' is one of my favourite meals we didn't see much point in getting everything for just the two of us, plus we have veggie roasts quite regularly!

Behind door #24 | Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

Merry christmas eve everyone! When I was younger we had our traditions like I'm sure many of you will have. My brother and I would get to open one present and it was always a pair of the softest, cosiest pyjamas that we were then allowed to change into and we'd all snuggle down to watch A Muppet's Christmas Carol singing along to every song then off we'd pop to bed so that 'Santa' could get to work. I've known since I was about 5 so I always knew it was so my mammy had peace to wrap our presents up but my brother and I still gave her the peace. I've never been one for spoiling surprises. If I ever accidentally find presents, I never snoop more. I'll actually go so far as to tell the person I found them so they can hide them again.

Behind door #23 | Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

Two days to go! Are you looking forward to christmas or looking forward to it being over?

Behind door #22 | Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

Just three days to go! Are you prepared for the big day? It's a quiet one this year, we're working throughout the festive period, pups still need walked and cats still need fed!

Colours of Christmas collab | Christmas Party

Hello and welcome to the final look for Colour of Christmas, the festive collab I've been doing for the past month with Aine (check out her blog here). As I said at the beginning of this, photographing my face is a bit of a challenge, apart from those Insta selfies however I've found as the weeks go on I have actually been enjoying it more. Who knows, this might not be the last of 'looks from lana'!

Behind door #21 | Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

Here we are, day 21! Is daily blogging now a habit? Probably not but I'm pretty damn pleased with myself for actually keeping this up!

A small splurge on TAM Beauty

A few days before Black Friday (don't even get me started on that) I was having my usual nosey on TAM Beauty and noticed they had already started their sale, after a quick chat with Euan I gave myself the budget of £15 to get myself some bits and pieces. I ended up going mostly for things I've wanted to try for a good while now and a couple gambles. I'm quite bad for sticking to what I know so I took a chance on some things new to me.

Behind door #19 | Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

Colours of Christmas collab | Traditional Christmas

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this week's Colours of Christmas was actually shot during the day with natural lighting and I didn't have to blind myself with the livingroom lamps. I even washed and curled my hair which might not seem like much to others but I'm taking it as a win. Means my mental health is on an up right now and I actually want to look after myself. Who can complain about that! As you can see from the title, this week's theme was a more traditional look for christmas (I told you those colours would find their way back) and due to my positive mood right now, I really had fun with this one!

Behind door #14 | Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

CarnLIVal Liverpool

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you'll know that last weekend I was in Liverpool for CarnLIVal hosted by the fabulous Sam and Katy who also let me crash at theirs for the weekend (thanks gals, there's a spare room here in Edinburgh for you). I saw Sam tweeting about it back in August, had a quick nosey at buses and trains and found I could go down and get back home for a whole £6.50, I mean who could say no to that deal? Shout out Megabus!

Behind door #12 | Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

Colours of Christmas Collab | Festive Fancy

Double post today! I think that's the first time that's ever happened round here although it won't be the last as I've got another couple posts I want to done throughout December on top of the advent calendar posts I'm doing. Are you enjoying these door reveal posts by the way? Today is the second look from the Colours of Christmas collab I'm doing with HonestlyAine and this week it's festive fancy.

Behind door #7 | Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

Look we made it a whole week of actually sticking to sometime! Do you think the whole 21 days to make something a habit thing counts when it comes to blogging? Could this be the thing that finally sets me off on the daily blogging road? Well I mean, I highly doubt it but it might teach me some organisational skills that I'm severely lacking in!

Behind door #4 | Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

Today is my last day in Liverpool so I better make sure I have everything charged up and ready for the journey home. I'm not leaving until 4pm but it means I won't get home until about 10.30. Hopefully I don't give the dog too much of a fright coming in the door!

Behind door #2 | Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

In just a few hours I'll be on my first bus to Liverpool to meet some of my favourite bloggers, attend carnLIVal and explore a new city I've never been to. How exciting! I know my anxiety will be sky high on the way down but I'm sure once I meet up with the gals I'll be absolutely fine. Look out for a post soon on what happened at carnLIVal in with all these door reveals.

Behind door #1 | Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar

You'll have no doubt seen a few tweets here and there about blogmas, well here we are December 1st! Is pinch punch first of the month still a thing? Now I love watching and reading people do v/blogmas but I'm the most unorganised person ever so I never thought it would be a possibility for me. I'd either forget about it and do nothing, stress myself out every day trying to get the next again day's post up or just give up at some point.

However, on my birthday (at exactly midnight because I'm an adult) I opened up my presents from Euan and one of them was the Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar that I'd been very vocally lusting after for weeks previously. He clearly took my moaning on board and got me it to shut me up! As soon as I opened it I knew I could do at least 25 days of blogmas as I had it sitting in my hands.

Sorry to break it to you but it's only halfway through November and I'm writing these posts. I figure the best shot I have of actually doing this is to plan it properly and give myself the time to actually get them written and edited. These posts will just be reveals of what was behind each door rather than actual reviews (a bit difficult considering some of the items, you'll see) but if you do want more info on anything just let me know.

Without further rambling, let's crack on!
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