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I'm the first to admit I'm a lazy little shit so when I saw Sophie's post about the Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner, I had to get myself one. I'm that person, I hate washing my makeup brushes and probably don't do it as much as I should. I mean it is pretty satisfying in a disgusting way seeing how much crap actually comes off as you're washing them (like when you do a nose pore strip then inspect it to see how minging your face was) but it just takes so fucking long! Plus I can't stand for that long, it totally fucks with my back and I ain't about to damage myself cleaning some bloody brushes.

I have a few eyeshadow brushes that I totally prefer over others and so I find myself reaching for them most often. Of course they're very rarely fresh and clean, they'll still have a few days/weeks/months buildup so I usually give them a brush over my hand, jeans, whatever is closest by. Let's be honest though, they're still packing some pigment from your previous makeup adventures and whatever look you're planning in your head is not going to go well. This is where the Shadow Switch comes in!

Quite simply put, it's a sponge in a tin. Doesn't sound that amazing I know but bear with me. I decided to try it out with my 3 favourite shadow brushes (Real Techniques dupe from eBay, BC Collections blending brush and Urban Decay brush, I'm not sure which one, my friend gave me it) but I also wanted to try out my trusty eyebrow brush (EcoTools) and a blush/contour brush (another Real Techniques dupe from eBay) to see if it could handle them as well as my shadow packed favourites.

As you can see above, it clearly works. Sure they're not as clean as if you properly washed them but look at that difference! I decided not to bother with the eyebrow brush in the end, it's too awkward a shape and I didn't want to risk ruining it as it's the only one I have just now. The contour brush was a bit clumpy to try and use in the tin and it shifted the bristles quite a lot so despite it getting everything off the brush,  I'll definitely be sticking to only using this with my shadow brushes. Hopefully in the future they bring out ones better shaped to bigger brushes!

This wee sponge is fast becoming my favourite thing and whenever I'm sticking a face on it will be right there on the table waiting to be used. The only downside to it is I've now got an extra thing to wash. Gid yin Alana. Not to stray too far from lazyland I'll probably flip this over and use it a couple more times before washing the sponge. I also want to try it out alongside some baby shampoo and warm water to see if it gives my brushes an extra clean or not.

What are your favourite time saving makeup tricks or gadgets? Let me know below!

If you're interested, you can pick up the Shadow Switch here. It arrived within a few days and it's free delivery, which is always a bonus!


  1. This is a brilliant tool for a quick clean up. I've got it too and amazed that it does actually work!
    Sharon x

    1. I'm not gonna lie Sharon, I wasn't expecting much from it so I was very pleasantly surprised! I really do need to wash my brushes soon to try and get the best possible use out of this, one day soon maybe hahaha x


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