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Ever since I quit smoking and started vaping (you can read my post about the vape pen I use here) I've been on the hunt for that perfect flavour that I can stick to rather than trying every flavour a shop has and hating 90% of them. Don't try parma violets, it's rank. So when I saw that Red Vape were looking to work with bloggers, I threw myself at them via email. They were kind enough to send me out two flavours to try, Appleleaf* from their Reserva range and Angel Berry* from their Premium range and help me in my quest to find the flavour.

So I've been using the liquids for a couple weeks now and I've gotta say I'm pretty impressed! The Angel Berry is just as you would imagine, berry flavoured. It contains blueberry, raspberry and dewberry as well as apple extract from Granny Smiths and some Mentha Aquatica or water mint. The Appleleaf contains natural tobacco flavourings, crisp green apple flavours and the Reserva range of liquids are steeped in oak barrels to develop the flavour further.

I definitely preferred the Angel Berry but that's not to say I didn't like the Appleleaf, I do actually enjoy it I just can't use it for very long as it catches my throat just a little too much after a couple hits. The apple flavouring definitely comes through but combined with the tobacco flavourings I think it might be just a bit too much for me. Angel Berry is such a smooth hit that it could be a contender for being the one. It's smooth, it's sweet, it's fruity and doesn't catch my throat in the slightest. Euan is also a fan of the smell of this one which is always a good sign, he's like a sniffer dog sometimes and can judge whether I'll like an e-liquid going by the smell alone!

Both bottles come with the standard droppers but unlike many flavours I've tried recently from the shops nearby, the lids on these are very sturdy feeling. If I ever had either of them in my bag I wont be worrying all day about them leaking everywhere. It's happened before and take my word for it, it's not fun. I've fished many a liquid covered tampon, lipsticks and receipts out of my bag. I got both flavours in the same strength of 6mg which is what I currently use. I will be looking into lowering this in the future as I'd like to eventually be on 0mg so I'm not getting any nicotine at all.

The Angel Berry came in a 15ml bottle and comes in at £9.95 while the Appleleaf comes in a whopping 30 ml bottle and understandably costs a bit more at £19.95 a bottle. The Red Vape website has a variety of selection and caters all budgets so I definitely recommend having a nosey if vaping is your thing! The lovely team over at Red Vape have also set me up with a sweet discount code for 15% off so if you do decide to purchase anything fire the code EPONA15 in at the checkout to save a little cash.

I'll definitely be using up the Angel Berry and more than likely will be purchasing more, I mean unless I can find a flavour to top this, we might have our one ladies and gentlemen! The Appleleaf I will use but probably not as quickly as the other. Due to the strong hit I get from it, this would probably be best used if I'm out drinking and start to get tempted by cigarettes.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with these liquids. They are a little bit more expensive than your regular liquids but for the quality of the products I'm willing to pay that extra pound or two. 

Discount code is valid until 31/3/2017
Products were sent to review but opinions remain 100% mine and honest.


  1. I'm also on 6mg and thats me been off the cigs since January! I've still had a few here and there but have never wanted to start smoking again. I love my wee pipe! grape drank by Ruthless is my fave, but always looking for new flavours to try so will defo check these ones out xx

    1. I've had a couple as well, it happens! I'm not going to make myself feel like a failure though, it was just a slip up because I forgot to charge my pen! I'm getting back into the habit of charging it up though, once overnight and I'm set for a few days. Let me know if you try any of their flavours out (don't forget to use the code and save some dolla)



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