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I'm in a girl gang. Well actually I'm in a couple but there's one in particular that has touched my heart and soul in various ways. For the past 10 months I've been a Podling (that's what we call ourselves), I've reconnected with old friends, made so many new friends, even met a bunch of them in Manchester and they are actually there for me pretty much every second of every day.

When the group first started I already knew a fair few members, mostly from following them on tumblr for years so it was like a lil group of people I already knew but also some new gals to befriend. Now there's over 100 members and sure sometimes it's a little hard to keep up with everything and everyone but the love I get from these ladies, it's seen me through some pretty dark times and I'm sure a lot of them would say the same!

Most of the action takes place within our private group on Facebook, it's not private to keep people out sorta thing, more to protect information within the group as sometimes quite personal matters are discussed. There are a few rules just to keep everything running smoothly, no body shaming, use trigger warnings where appropriate, no bullying or cruel comments will be tolerated in the slightest and we're all asked to not share any information from within the group with anyone else. If you ever have a problem you can contact one of the admin team at any time.

As well as having the group on FB, there are regular meetups (I've only made it to one so far but look out 2017), there a holiday box swaps (Galentine's Day, Halloween, etc) where we are each assigned a person taking part and we get to send them gifts! Last Galentine's Day I received this beautiful handmade Star Wars cross stitch made by my Galentine that has pride of place in my bedroom next to my makeup so every time I go to put a face on, I'm reminded of my awesome babes. 

I'm quite bad for dipping in and out if I'm honest. I went a good wee while not posting anything because I felt like it was just constant negativity and I didn't want to bring everyone down. I was however reminded that the pods are there for the bad times and the good. I can go to them with my problems and I'll always get at least 2/3 differing opinions or options depending on what I've spoken about. I'm a lot better these days and I feel like I'm taking part in a healthy way, talking to the gals again, falling in love with their selfies, asking and giving advice. The best part, nobody made me feel bad for taking time away.

Of course it's not always happy, happy. With over 100 ladies, chances are we're not going to agree on every single thing, every single time. There have been some arguments, some blow ups, some members have left, some have been asked to leave. It's going to happen. It's shit when it does whether you're involved or not, it's like watching your family argue. If I'm honest though, that's the only negative thing about this girl gang, which when put up beside all the positives is vastly outweighed!

There's a certain peace of mind knowing I have this group of women that I can turn to about absolutely anything. I can go to them with my problems or worries, I can tell them when I'm not in a good place, I can tell them about the exciting things happening in my life (the pod mumma updates on their mini pods are really quite lovely) these gals have got my back. We don't always have to agree on things or have the same opinions but knowing they are still there to listen and support, well it just warms my icy little heart. We all pretty much follow each other on other social medias like twitter and instagram but it's nice having our little hub to go back to.

While I don't know every girl in the group as well as I'd like to (my own fault due to inactivity and missing new members joining) they are all like a little extended family I've been blessed with. My sisters from other misters.  Girls, I know a lot of you will read this, I love you all.

I need to give a massive thank you to all the girls in this group for everything they do, especially the admin team who put the group together, who moderate everything and are always there if you need them. I asked a couple of the girls to tell me what the group means to them so I'll leave you with their words:

Before podlings I never knew the true value of having strong, fierce, supportive female peers and I am eternally grateful for them for enriching my life and helping me grow as a person. I finally feel like I belong somewhere.

Podlings to me means confidence! You girls have inspired me to get out my lazy not looking after my appearance phase and I feel so much better for it.

I've never really been a girls girl, I always felt intimidated and not good enough but podlings has opened my eyes that being in a girl gang is wonderful for your confidence and having a massive group of sisters to share laughter and tears with and all in between is amazing! I don't know what I'd do without you lot now!!

I was that shy girl who didn't talk to anyone and wouldn't look at anyone when walking by. I would avoid going on nights out because I never felt comfortable in the skin that I was in. I never knew what it was like to have friends that actually gave a toss about me. Then I joined the Podlings and that all changed. I now have strong, independent women who empower each other and support in my life. The Podlings mean everything to me and I don't know what I would do without them now, I have become a better version of myself thanks to this group.

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  1. Wel now I want to become part of a girl gang, it must be lovely knowing there's people you can talk to and get advice from whenever you need it. It's a shame that there's sometimes arguements but I suppose that can't really be helped with 100 people in one group - so many differing opinions!

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