Getting a head start on 2017

I know, we're not even in December yet and I'm gonna harp on about new year resolutions but hear me out, there is some logic! If I start planning for what I want to accomplish next year now, I might actually be prepared enough to accomplish it. That totally makes sense, right? If anything I'm putting this up to keep myself accountable. I can look back at the end of 2017 and see how many of these goals I reached.

Create a routine that works. I don't have much in the way of a routine just now and I'd like that to change. I want to spend my time better, getting the most I can out of each day. I know that if I had a routine and stuck to it, I'd actually surprise myself with what I can get done in 24 hours. If it means I have to set myself reminders on my phone for everything until I get into the swing of it myself then so be it!

Eat better and move more. My diet could definitely be improved on. While it is varied, there are far too many takeaways and packets of crisps finding their way into my hands. I'd like to start batch cooking healthier meals so that there's always something in and to keep me away from the Just Eat website. I'm surprised it's not bookmarked. I also want to start getting out a bit more with Euan when he's walking the dogs. I only look after a couple dogs so I'm not out as much as him but I'm going to start working it into my routine that I go out with him at least a couple times a week and have a runaround with all the other dogs. I'll also be reacquainting myself with the gym downstairs, I'm going to start with 20 minutes twice a week and take it from there as my body becomes able to deal with more than that. I did have a brief stint recently of going to the gym but it didn't last, I bottled it because I couldn't stand other people in the gym seeing me all red faced and sweaty.

Be more organised. I am horrendous at organising, well anything really. I couldn't organise a piss up in a bar! I'm hoping 2017 can be the year I finally learn how to use a diary effectively to plan blog posts, events, dates with Euan, appointments, everything really. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect diary as I'm such a fussy bugger when it comes to choosing them! I'm not artistic enough to bullet journal so I'll have to keep trawling shops to find the one. Euan and I have decided to redecorate our flat so we've already made a start on organising all our belongings. Getting rid of broken or unused objects (I really need to throw out a lot of clothes too) and making space for the things we do actually use. 

Support my friends more. I know so many talented people and over the course of next year I'd like to show them my support by buying their art, clothing and jewellery, hiring them for their web services, etc. I already retweet my creative pals on twitter but I'd like to do a bit more for them, plus a lot of them will be helping in the grand redecoration.

Take blogging more seriously. Whilst blogging is still a hobby for me and not my job, I do want to take it bit more seriously. I've set myself up a little workspace in the livingroom where my laptop is going to live from now on. I usually do most of my blogging from bed or the same spot on the couch where I'll spend more time trying to find a comfortable position with the laptop than actually writing.

Have you started thinking about next year? Have you already started planning for 2017 and I'm actually late to the party as usual? Let me know what goals you're setting for yourself below.

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