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So if you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably have seen a few tweets about doing a collab with another blogger, well here it is! I've been having sneaky chats and video calls with Aine for the past few weeks getting this together so let me present to you Colours of Christmas! For the next 4 weeks, Aine and I will be creating some festive looks so don't forget to check in each Wednesday in the run up to Christmas to see what they are.

Before I get on with the post I'd just like to take a quick moment to tell you why I decided to do this. As you can see from my other posts, there aren't many pictures of my face on here (apart from that eyebrow post) and despite my Instagram telling a different story, I'm really not a fan of it. I constantly just pick up on the negative things about it, what I don't like, what I'd change etc I take about 70 photos before I find one that is acceptable. My plan with agreeing to this collab was to put a timeframe on myself for creating looks, getting the photos done and getting the posts sorted out. Kinda forcing me to face my face if that makes any sense?

This weeks theme is an alternative christmas look, pretty fitting as Aine and I are pretty alternative looking people. Basically for this week, we took the typical christmas colours and threw them out the window (don't worry they will find their way back soon) and went with some colours not traditionally associated with the festive period. For me, I'm not really confident enough in my ability to post step by step tutorials for these looks so I'm afraid it'll just be the end result and products used with me, I believe Aine will be going into a bit more detail in her posts if that's more to your taste.

For this look I went with purples and blues, not only my favourite colour combo but also pretty not christmassy looking right? Using Maybelline Color Tattoo in Turquoise Forever all over my lid, I blended in Give from Makeup Revolution's Give Them Darkness palette (post on that coming soon) into my outer crease and from Fortune Favours The Brave I used the shade Winning on my inner crease, something I don't usually do but this entire series is something I don't usually do so my self imposed rules are out the window.

Lower lashline is a 17 shadow I've had for far longer than I'm willing to admit and the label has rubbed off so much I can't even tell you what it's called! I had to add some sparkle to my inner eye but because I'm a complete fanny, I forgot to photograph it with the other colours and now I can't remember what I used. Well done Alana.

I kept the rest of my face pretty simple until I got to my lips. I struggled with picking a colour to compliment my eyes but ended up going with Freedom Makeup's Skywalker shade from the Far Away collection. Star Wars themed lipsticks, you know I've got the whole set! Hell I'm even wearing my Boba Fett jumper in these pictures. Skywalker is a lovely silver/blue shade so I thought this would work perfectly with the blues on my eyes. I also figured it was a good way of using a festive colour but in a alternative way.

So that's it for my take on an alternative christmas look. What did you think? Be honest but gentle please.
Don't forget to check out Aine's take on the theme over on her blog HonestlyAine and I'll see you next week for a festive fancy dress look!

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