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Back at the beginning of September I was very kindly invited along to Badger & Co to try out their breakfast menu. While I love food, I especially love breakfast and so of course I accepted the invitation! I took Euan along with me, because who better to enjoy a banging breakfast than with your beau. I did mean to get this post up quite soon after going but if you've read my post 'Break time is over' you'll know all about my accidental break from blogging. It happened but I've picked myself up again and I've got some posts that were planned that I'll be posting over the coming weeks.

Situated on Castle Street, in the former home of Kenneth Grahame, Badger & Co is a cute and quirky bar and eatery with a very prominent The Wind in the Willows theme running throughout. Very fitting considering Kenneth Grahame was the author! Whoever was in charge of that did not miss a trick.

Before I talk about the food can we just have a moment for these lights. Don't get me wrong, I adore the rest of the decor but I have this thing about lights. If I lived in one of those old Victorian builds with the ceilings higher than you could ever reach I'd definitely try and find myself something like this for my livingroom. Unfortunately my ceilings are so low I could probably hit then if I jumped off my couch so I'll just have to keep returning to Castle Street for my light fix.

The food was amazing, but for me it was the actual feel of the place that stayed with me most of all. It's the little details I'll remember when I'm telling someone about the place if they've never been. I'll lure them in with the decor and then they can try the food for themselves and decide on that. I think one of my favourite pieces has to be the big neon Badger & Co sign that greets you as soon as you walk into the room. Again it's something I'd have in my flat if I had those high ceilings with all that extra wall space. Could you imagine, a wee blogging desk with 'A Rose For Epona' in a nice glowing purple perhaps?

Okay, the food! I went for the scrambled eggs with salmon on crumpets and Euan got the Full Sett breakfast. While it doesn't look like a lot of food, we were both full by the end of it and if I remember rightly Euan couldn't even finish his! The food was delicious, perfectly cooked and not just flung in a microwave to make sure it's at your table in less than ten minutes. When it comes down to it, I'd rather wait a bit longer and get properly cooked food than get it really quickly and it be dry, bland or just plain rubbish. In saying this, we weren't even waiting that long for ours which did surprise me on the day as there was a hen party and quite a few other tables of guests in for food. Hats off to all in the kitchen!

As well as having a thing for lights, I've also got a thing for nice plates. And boy does Badger & Co deliver on nice plates. I had so many ideas running through my head about what I'd use these for if I had them in my home. First a candle plate (because one isn't enough), second, they'd be a great background if I was photographing small products. Thirdly, well I mean I guess I could use them to eat food off. I would go on but this would just turn into a nice plates and lights post.

After our coffees we went for a little wander around the rest of the place and I fell even more in love! They have their own little tucked away beer garden with a simple chair and table set up but the most colourful mural taking up the entire back wall. It combines various characters from The Wind in the Willows and also famous spots of Edinburgh. I love the fact that it's so secluded, it's outside but away from the hustle and bustle of the streets.

Just think, summer time (yeah it's a while away but think hard) the sun is out (hopefully, I mean we do live in Scotland) and you're sat here basking in it's glow with a nice big jug of whatever you fancy. Nobody bothering you and a pretty banging view of the mural so you're not just looking at some brick walls. If anybody wants to join me I'll probably be heading along in July, tweet me.

The amount of effort that has gone into decorating is amazing and I commend whoever was involved with it (do you also decorate homes?). Each little section of Badger & Co has it's own identity and vibe. From the browns and blues of the room we ate in to the pale green and dark wood look of what to me is the room I would sit in with many a cup of coffee while writing or beer room if you're watching the footie or just don't want to sit at the bar. Despite the very vintage feel to the room, I kinda like the tv on the wall if I'm honest. You could just come in, get comfy in a seat and that's your afternoon sorted!

Before leaving we were treated to a wee sample of banana bread beer from the lovely gent in the bar. I think he heard us talking about it and I'm really glad he let us try it as it was actually amazing! I love a good loaf of banana bread but I'd never heard of it in beer before. It was rather sweet and a bit heavy so I reckon I'd only have one pint of it if I was there, but I'd certainly enjoy that one pint. It's a heavily stocked bar so if banana bread beer isn't your bag, I'm sure they'll have something for you.

Thanks again to Badger & Co for putting up with us for the morning and apologies to any other guests I might have annoyed with all my picture taking!


  1. This looks insane! My life has now changed knowing banana bread beer exists.

    1. Right! I don't think I've ever loved decor so much in my life! I'll definitely be going back soon for another pint :)


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