Colours of Christmas Collab | Alternative Christmas

So if you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably have seen a few tweets about doing a collab with another blogger, well here it is! I've been having sneaky chats and video calls with Aine for the past few weeks getting this together so let me present to you Colours of Christmas! For the next 4 weeks, Aine and I will be creating some festive looks so don't forget to check in each Wednesday in the run up to Christmas to see what they are.

Red Vape | A luxury e-liquid collection + discount code!

Ever since I quit smoking and started vaping (you can read my post about the vape pen I use here) I've been on the hunt for that perfect flavour that I can stick to rather than trying every flavour a shop has and hating 90% of them. Don't try parma violets, it's rank. So when I saw that Red Vape were looking to work with bloggers, I threw myself at them via email. They were kind enough to send me out two flavours to try, Appleleaf* from their Reserva range and Angel Berry* from their Premium range and help me in my quest to find the flavour.

What am I doing with my life? | Word Vomit

I've lately been wondering what it is that I'm doing with my life. Some rather negative thoughts have been creeping in every so often; I don't have a good enough job, I don't look like what I'd like to, I'm a failure to name a few but if I look at my life properly, it's a different story. I have a job. Sure it's not the best paid but I'm earning enough money to live (on a budget mind you) and the best thing, I absolutely fucking wholeheartedly love my job. I mean I look after dogs for a living, how could I not enjoy that?

I'm not happy with my body. That old cliche. It infuriates me though as I will champion body positivity whenever I can. Is it possible to preach body positivity yet not accept your own? Furthermore, is it possible to preach body positivity while actively trying to change yours? For me, it has to be or I'll never stop having negative thoughts about my body. If I don't make some changes to my body in a bid to accept it a bit more, I'll be forever plagued with a negative view of myself. Nobody wants that.

The failure thoughts, well I'm sure they come to everybody at some point in their lives about the widest variety of things. Sure I have failed at a few (or many) things in my life but I've also achieved amazing things throughout my past to be proud of. Over the past year or so I've accepted that I'm quite an angry person and I think it's because I've spent so much time dwelling on these failures. This has caused me to see myself in such a negative light. Self deprecation is an art and I've mastered it unfortunately. From now on though no more past dwelling! I'm going to put all my energies into the present and the future. I'm not going to suddenly forger about everything that's happened to me ever but I want to use more of my time on bettering things to make myself happy rather than pour over how things could have gone. 

So what am I doing with my life? 
I'm choosing to be happy.

Tanya Burr Sealed With A Kiss Gift Set | Birthday Gifts

Hello! It was my birthday a couple weeks ago and I got some lovely gifts so I thought I'd share a few of them with you. You'll be seeing one of them feature very heavily in December. If you don't follow me on Twitter, I've decided to do blogmas this year and the first 25 days will be each door of the Makeup Revolution advent calendar. Today though, we're talking about the Tanya Burr Sealed With A Kiss cosmetic bag set that my gorgeous wee pal Lisa got me.

My thoughts on Kanye West

Over the past few days I've come across so many posts about Kanye West and it's led me to be a lot more disappointed in people I called friends than I would have thought possible. Mental health is not a joke. Whether you like the person or not, if you think it's acceptable to mock somebody for having a breakdown or going through any kind of suffering due to a mental illness, you are not somebody I want in my life.

I'm not a fan of Kanye West at all, not overly excited by his music or anything else he puts his hand to but fuck me he's still a person. A person who could need help. While most of the reactions I've seen have been along the same lines as mine there have been far too many posts over various social media's talking about how he deserves this, that's what he gets for being Kanye, certain people have called for him to be locked up for life with the key thrown away and I'm sure there are worse out there that I've luckily not laid eyes on yet.

To everyone that has made jokes regarding this situation, I honestly hope you have nobody close to you who has mental health problems. They will more than likely never come to you again out of embarrassment, shame or fear. And to those who have mental health problems themselves and still find this funny, you're a part of the problem. How will the stigmas attached to mental health ever be tackled if sufferers themselves can take pleasure in another person's struggle?

If it turns out this entire situation has been concocted as a publicity stunt, well I hope West has a good publicity team because I can't see that going down too well. While mental health is not a joke, neither is it a scapegoat. If celebrities think they can blame their problems on mental health and walk away unaccountable, where does that leave the non celebrity with their fight against it? Up shit creek, that's where. If mental heath problems are 'normalised' by celebrities in this negative fashion, we will never win the fight against the stigmas.

For now, West has my empathy. No matter how this situation pans out, those making jokes will forever be remembered as people I cannot go to with my mental health problems as and when they arise.

Sausage dogs in jumpers | Busy B stationery

For being a horribly unorganised person, I sure do love stationery, notebooks, planners, etc. Maybe I like the illusion of being organised but once I try to put it into practice it falls apart. In a odd turn of events I received this package from Busy B a day after my post getting a head start on 2017 went live so I'm taking it as a sign that I can and will achieve my goal of being more organised! I was very excited to open this and how could I not be? Everything you see above is from their Cute range and it's covered in dogs! (There is more to the cute range than just dogs but as an avid canine lover, this was perfect for me)

Getting a head start on 2017

I know, we're not even in December yet and I'm gonna harp on about new year resolutions but hear me out, there is some logic! If I start planning for what I want to accomplish next year now, I might actually be prepared enough to accomplish it. That totally makes sense, right? If anything I'm putting this up to keep myself accountable. I can look back at the end of 2017 and see how many of these goals I reached.

Girl Gangs | Podlings

I'm in a girl gang. Well actually I'm in a couple but there's one in particular that has touched my heart and soul in various ways. For the past 10 months I've been a Podling (that's what we call ourselves), I've reconnected with old friends, made so many new friends, even met a bunch of them in Manchester and they are actually there for me pretty much every second of every day.

Breakfast at Badger & Co

Classic, crafty and culinary adventures beyond the Wild Wood...

Back at the beginning of September I was very kindly invited along to Badger & Co to try out their breakfast menu. While I love food, I especially love breakfast and so of course I accepted the invitation! I took Euan along with me, because who better to enjoy a banging breakfast than with your beau. I did mean to get this post up quite soon after going but if you've read my post 'Break time is over' you'll know all about my accidental break from blogging. It happened but I've picked myself up again and I've got some posts that were planned that I'll be posting over the coming weeks.

Shadow Switch | Bloggers Made Me Buy It

I'm the first to admit I'm a lazy little shit so when I saw Sophie's post about the Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner, I had to get myself one. I'm that person, I hate washing my makeup brushes and probably don't do it as much as I should. I mean it is pretty satisfying in a disgusting way seeing how much crap actually comes off as you're washing them (like when you do a nose pore strip then inspect it to see how minging your face was) but it just takes so fucking long! Plus I can't stand for that long, it totally fucks with my back and I ain't about to damage myself cleaning some bloody brushes.
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