First foray into Kiko

Kiko is one of those brands that I've known about for a while but never had the chance to try out until now. During a visit through to Glasgow to visit Euan's niece (about a month or two ago) we had some spare time around Glasgow Fort, which by the way, is fucking huge! I'd quite happily live next door to it, if it wasn't in Glasgow. I get quite bad travel anxiety and for some reason it's extra bad when I'm going to and in Glasgow, which is odd because I've lived there before.

It was just a quick visit so I didn't have enough time to look around the entire shop but I did manage to pick up their Full Coverage Concealer and the Stop Biting Bitter Taste Nail Lacquer. 

On the Kiko website the concealer is currently on sale for £4.90 and I'm pretty sure that's roughly what I paid in the store. The lacquer was a mere £1.95 but I couldn't seem to find the exact product I got, however this is the best match. For the price I paid I was really surprised at the quality of both products. The concealer is in a matte black case (it's gonna get so dirty, so quickly) (it did get so dirty so quickly, it's fucking annoying) feels smooth and sleek but quite heavy duty. Even better, there's a freaking mirror inside. I got almost as excited when I realise a piece of clothing has pockets.

There's just something about a completely untouched palette that pleases me right down to my soul, not that it looks like that anymore! Anyway, despite it looking kinda orangey on my pale arms it's actually pretty decent once applied to my face. I tried it out with my Rimmel Match Perfection and it blended out so nice. I prefer to use this just as an under eye concealer then something else on other parts of my face. Just personal preference I guess, I prefer the finish.

Nobody needs to see my hand with a clear polish on it so here's a quick (shit) job I did recently. I'd love to start getting my nails done again but I just can't afford it. I've been looking into going down to a local college who run a salon for students to train in, it's cheaper so I can afford it plus it's helping someone's education. Win win!

The polish comes in a pretty plain clear bottle with a nice shiny lid on top, another thing that pleases me greatly. I'm such a magpie. This stuff definitely works, I keep forgetting I've put it on and go to bite my nails (or most of the time eat crisps) and get a sharp hit of that horrible bitter taste! I just need to remember to reapply and hopefully my nails get a chance to grow. My ring finger and pinkie nails always grow so nicely but the others have minds of their own. I'm hoping to combine this with a strengthener soon to give my nails that little further nudge into not looking absolutely shit.

Gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with these two purchases and they've helped put Kiko on my wee radar. If you've got any suggestions of other products of theirs I should try out, let me know below.


  1. I used to bite my nails all of the time too, I've mostly quit, I have the odd lapse. Funny my ring fingers and wee fingers grow the best, I'm having serious issues with them peeling all the time. Need to keep them moisturised. Will have to investigate that concealer, looks good!

    Honestly Aine

    1. I don't have any on just now so I've been nibbling! Better pop some on tomorrow to try and save them. Mine peel sometimes too, I don't know if it's anything to do with diet or if it's just genes.
      I won't be surprised if I have to buy another one soon, I'm firing through this one! xx


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