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Happy Halloween folks! 

I've loved this past month of posts and videos all about Halloween, from the looks to the movie recommendations or reviews. I wish I had the discipline to take part in blogtober like a lot of people I know have, maybe next year eh? If I sit down and actually plan it out properly now, I might be organised in time for next Halloween! Today though I'm talking about the only spooky shenanigans I got up to physically this year. A combination of very little money, proper planning and the urge to stay away from packed clubs potentially filled with clowns kept me pretty quiet this year.

A Comedian Made Me Cry

Has a comedian ever made you cry? Ross Hepburn made me cry. I'm not talking laughing so hard you're crying, I'm talking full on, emotionally crying my eyes out (albeit as silently as I could in a room full of strangers). 
He didn't pick on me or anything, he made me cry with his words.

First foray into Kiko

Kiko is one of those brands that I've known about for a while but never had the chance to try out until now. During a visit through to Glasgow to visit Euan's niece (about a month or two ago) we had some spare time around Glasgow Fort, which by the way, is fucking huge! I'd quite happily live next door to it, if it wasn't in Glasgow. I get quite bad travel anxiety and for some reason it's extra bad when I'm going to and in Glasgow, which is odd because I've lived there before.

My Eyebrow Story



After spending far too much time trawling the dark recesses of the internet that holds photos I pray nobody finds I've managed to chronicle my eyebrow story and boy what a tale it is! The only years I can't account for too well are 2006 and 2007. My memory is absolutely atrocious but I believe I was in Glasgow then London and pretty much off the internet grid. Over the course of that year I'd dropped out of uni, moved in with my first love, moved to London single and very unhappy, became an alcoholic and drug addict, couch surfed for a good few months then returned to Scotland to essentially stop myself from killing myself with drugs and alcohol. 

*Woah this post took a turn.
With all that happening you can maybe understand why there aren't any pictures.

Benefit prize haul

I really need to iron my 'backgrounds'
I thought for my first proper comeback post I'd show you the prizes from a giveaway I recently won. I'll enter giveaways as and when they pop up, never thinking I'll actually win them so when Andrew from Beauty and the Boy got in touch with me on twitter to let me know I'd won his Benefit Summer Edit, I did actually do that sitting down happy dance. Before winning all these products I'd only tried one of them (I got the Ready, Set, Brow as a magazine freebie recently) so I was pretty excited to have a whole heap of things I'd never used before and if I'm honest, never looked that much into.

Break time is over

Oh look at that, it's been almost 7 weeks since my last post. It's been a combination of things if I'm honest, laziness crept in along with not planning as well as I could have. I left my camera in Glasgow and didn't get it back for a few weeks and I've had some pretty hellish periods/illness knock me out for a bit. It's happened, I'm ready to move past it and get back into the habit of blogging again.

It's odd, the 'madness' of blogging actually calms me. Once I get past the initial 'Oh I don't want to sit and schedule tweets, or have a photography session, or sit for 3 hours editing photos' and actually sit down to do these things, I do enjoy them! It gives me something to focus on and keeps my mind nice and busy which in turn leads to less dips in my mental wellbeing. And I am all for that!

Although I've always said I'm not a fan of schedules, I feel like I'm at the stage where I need one so that I don't end up taking another 7 week break. Before I would have periods of such productivity that I'd get a load of posts done and scheduled which would keep me going for a few weeks but then I might not have another day like that and once the previous posts were worked through, I wouldn't have any more to continue. 

With that in mind, I've decided that from now on,  I'll have posts go live on a Monday and Friday at 9am. It is a schedule but a very loose one, it still gives me some wiggle room in case some days are more productive than others. It also means I'm not trying to get posts out every couple days and stressing myself out. I honestly admire daily bloggers so much, they are so much more committed and have organisational skills that I can only dream of!

Whilst I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of writing (and everything else that goes along with blogging), I'm also looking forward to getting back into reading all of your blogs so to finish off, all I ask is you leave your most recent posts below in a comment so I can have a nosey!
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