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So you might have seen on my twitter (if you didn't you can follow me here) that I've passed the 6 week mark for not smoking! I'll level with you all, going into this attempt I honestly didn't think I would last this long. I think the reason I have is it's a bit of a fuck you to myself. Rather than prove to anyone else I can do it, I'm proving it to me that I can do it!  I no longer use the app I spoke about in my first quitting smoking post (you can read that if you want) as I upgraded my phone and for some reason couldn't access the premium version I paid for. I'm not really that fussed though, I can remember the date I quit on and can figure out anything I need to from that. 

I've said on pretty much every form of social media that my saviour with this attempt is my Kangertech Subvod kit that I bought from my local Vaporized shop on Leith Walk. The guys in there are pretty helpful and they've got pretty decent chat if you enjoy wrestling. I paid £30 for it,  yeah it's a bit pricey when there are cheaper ones on the market but I've tried those cheap ones, the coils burn out super fast, they tear your throat apart and bits need constantly replacing. Fuck that, I don't have that much patience! Let's get real, I have NO patience.

Don't you just LOVE my unironed background?

So this badboy can be used whilst charging which means no fiddly unscrewing of batteries which honestly is my favourite fucking thing about it. The amount of times in the past where I've gone to attempt to charge the pen style ones and just unscrewed the liquid chamber and doused myself in it. Not a good look! This also holds a lot more liquid in it meaning I don't have to worry about remembering to fill it, in fact I've only bought one more bottle since getting this and I've managed to move down a nicotine strength! I'm hoping to get to the stage where it's 0% nicotine then I can eventually wean myself off the vape completely! I'd still keep it for nights out, emergencies etc but not be as reliant on it.

One of the downsides to quitting smoking is I have the appetite of a fucking whale now. Honestly, I feel like I'm always eating, I mean yeah I think about food all the time but now I'm actually eating it as well! Looks like that'll be next on my life to-do list, get some exercising done to combat all the shite I'm eating. Cravings are pretty much non existent these days and it's only if I'm proper stressed that I manically search for the vape whilst simultaneously thinking 'fuck it, just go buy some fags'. Apart from that though, it's all good.

Hopefully I can come back in 6 months and say that I'm still at this quitting business. Time will tell!


  1. Wow well done on six weeks, you should be so pleased with yourself! It must be so hard xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Wow, that's brilliant! Well done on quitting smoking, you should be so proud of yourself. Glad you've found a method that works for you.
    Sharon xx

  3. Serious high fives girl! Really well done!! I'm hoping my husband will quit soon. I quit myself, but I went cold turkey, I literally decided that I was paying to commit suicide in a slow & painful fashion and it clicked. Then again I've an absolute sort of personality. Over years I did have the odd drunk smoke - but if anything that made me stop more, the taste is so nasty once you've stopped for a bit, followed by a banging headache. Well chuffed for you girl!

    Honestly Aine


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