Things I hate about wearing glasses

Glasses can sometimes just be a pain in the arse right? I've been wearing glasses since I was 6 (that's almost 21 years and I just cringed so hard). I've lived through many styles, so many breaks, a lot of dodgy pairs and some beautiful pairs. Today though I'm talking about all the things I hate about wearing glasses and let me tell you, there are quite a few things!

First off let's just get the vain one out the way, have you ever tried to take a well lit selfie whilst wearing your glasses? It doesn't fucking happen! All you can see is light reflections (if you use them) or if the sun is shining glare everywhere. This is why I very rarely wear my glasses in instagram photos.

Another reason I rarely wear my glasses in photos is because after spending usually about 40 minutes doing my face, I don't then want to put my glasses back on to hide the masterpiece I've just painted. Yeah I do my makeup for me, but I obviously share some bomb ass selfies as well, no point covering it all up with my glecs!

Do you like my eyeliner?
No matter what kind of glasses you wear, you will more than likely be left with some kind of marks on your nose. Particularly annoying if you regularly remove your glasses throughout the day, luckily (ha!) I'm stuck wearing mine until I go to sleep, so nobody can see mine but believe me, after this many years it's a permanent feature on my fizzog!

I'm all for having a giggle when people try on my glasses but my god I'm so bored of the 'Oh my god, you're so blind' comments. You're trying on my glasses for fuck sake, that act in itself means you are aware I have impaired vision. Please stop it.

How many god awful pairs of gregories have you wore in the past that you look back on now and recoil in horror. I used to rock a mean Harry Potter spec look before he even existed, so I guess I used to rock a mean John Lennon? I obviously thought I was all that and a packet of bloody crisps, look at that confidence. Werk it Lana.

I was bullied quite a lot when I was younger and my glasses were a big part of that. It left me with so many negative thoughts about my glasses even up to this day! Technology didn't really help you out then, you couldn't get your lenses thinned out in the 90s! Well you probably could but it would have been ridiculously expensive. Style wasn't your friend, there was nowhere near as much choice as there is these days. Basically, you looked like shit. These days it's much easier being a glasses wearer albeit probably more expensive too.

Ever fallen asleep while wearing a pair of glasses? It's not fucking comfortable. Too many times I've woken up on my glasses, like my face is pressed into the pillow and I still have my glasses on. Weirdest feeling ever. Also if you fall asleep in public wearing them, you will look ridiculous.

So aye, glasses can be pretty shit quite a lot of the time. Unfortunately they are a necessary evil if you can't afford or wear contacts for whatever reason. Luckily with plenty choice around these days you can avoid looking as utterly stupid as I did during my teenage years. I wish vlogging was a thing back when I was 16 and was told I was getting contacts for my birthday. Never known such glee.

If you actually read this entire post I applaud you, when I first had the idea for it, I didn't think I'd be able to write this much. I'm clearly passionate about the specs! I'll shut up now and leave you with this belter of a photo that my mother still carries around to this day in her purse. Has she not seen my Instagram? I post well gid selfies, carry one of them in your purse Kate. Show off my highlight no this squinty faced wee hing.

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  1. Oh how did I forget about marks left on your nose?! That's also one of the most annoying things ever haha. Especially when you've worn glasses all day and decide to go with contacts for a night out!


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