Skye Diaries: Torrin's Secret Beach

Welcome to part 2 of my Skye Diaries! In my last post, I told you all about where we stayed on the island, Torrin. This post is almost a follow on as it's all about Torrin's very own secret beach! I know, beaches in Scotland,  not always the best and unfortunately the day we ventured down was absolutely miserable but I couldn't not include it. If you do ever find yourself close by to Torrin and it's a nice day, please find the secret beach and show me what it looks like when the sun hits it! 

It was about a 20 minute walk from where we were staying to get to the beach but luckily there was a tourist folder in the Old Church that gave you directions to find it, without them we would never have gotten there. We decided to take Tia (the spaniel) and Archie (the hound) down with us so they could do some exploring too.

Like pretty much all of my posts on Skye, they are very picture heavy but I don't really want to bog you down with talking about every single picture. It was a lovely foresty walk to the beach, then a few minutes after we got there it started absolutely pouring down! Of course it did Alana, you were still in Scotland. We didn't let the rain put us off though, we had a run around with the dogs, took some goofy pictures then eventually headed back to the flat to dry off. 

Enjoy the rest of the pictures and look out for the next Skye Diaries, it'll be about the amazing Fairy Pools!


  1. Fab pictures. Looks like typical Scottish weather!

    1. It really was Sandra! I don't know why we expected anything else at the time! x


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