Skye Diaries: Torrin

Old Church, Torrin

If you pay attention to any of my social medias, you'll have noticed a couple weeks ago I was up in Skye. I've finally managed to go through all my camera pictures and sort them out to get the posts I told myself I'd write while we were up there. Took my laptop up and everything!

Anyways, there were far too many pictures for just one post so welcome to the first of my Skye Diaries! Today I'll be talking about where we stayed when we went up. You'll have to check back for the other installments as I'm still tinkering with them as I type this. The picture above is the house we stayed in, Old Church it's called although be careful if you google it, there are about 20 Old Church's on the island! We learned the hard way and went to quite a few of the wrong ones before finally finding our one for the week.

There wasn't all that much in Torrin besides the scenery which I kinda enjoyed. It was nice being away from everything for a bit although with the closest shop being about a 30 minute (depending on how many sheep decide to jump into the middle of the road) drive away we relied heavily on the drivers to get about. The weather was pretty damn varied the week we were up, some days it was miserable, others it was so nice I got pretty badly burnt. Only I could get sunburn in Skye.

Not much else to say really the pictures do a pretty good job of that themselves so enjoy and look out for the next post which will be about Torrin's secret beach!

Until next time x


Look at that handsome devil.

I have no idea what to say about this sheep.

The lack of signal messed up Euan's playing of Pokemon Go.

We can never take a nice picture together...

A wild mushroom appeared!


  1. I feel ashamed that I have never been to Skye in my 17 years of living in Scotland! One day - very soon! Looks gorgeous xx


    1. Aw Tatyana it's so beautiful up there! Highly recommend it as a 'get away from everything' destination xx

  2. My in laws have been (they're Scottish) they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, hoping to make my way up there at some point. Your pictures are 👏🏽


    1. It's such a fab wee place for peace and quiet! Let me know if you do ever head up, I'd love to see what you think of it! xx

  3. Oh my this looks beautiful! I'm off to Wales this week and although Skye is a different place this post got me excited! Can't wait to see beautiful scenery also! My boyfriend is going to be so annoyed at having no signal for Pokemon go too haha.

    Sarah |

    1. How was your Wales trip? (I'm awful at responding to comments, pls don't hate me!) I hope you had a fab time!
      I've stopped playing it myself tbh, the novelty wore off pretty quickly for me. Addicted to that bloody Best Fiends just now! xx

  4. Beautiful! I'd love to go back to Skye. First time I went there it was over the sea to skye!

    1. I'd love to go back too although this time we'll be avoiding the Mallaig ferry and just going over the bridge! (We got to Mallaig only to be told the ferry was full so we had to drive back to Fort William then up) xx


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