Our dog George

Let's paint a picture shall we, it's 11.30 at night, Euan is playing Fallout 4 or something on his PS4 and I'm sat on my laptop looking at all the dogs in the Glasgow and West Calder's branches of the Dogs Trust. Every 2 seconds "Oh my god Euan look at this one!" and then it happened. I opened yet another tab and burst into tears, I was greeted by this derpy looking dog that stole my heart instantly.

His name is George and the morning after seeing him on the website, we arranged a visit to go see him at the centre. A few more weeks of visits (and our week long holiday in Skye) then it was time to take George home. I'll be writing a post soon on what actually happens when you adopt a dog from Dogs Trust so keep an eye out for that!

George is a bassador (basset lab cross) and he's 5 years old. He'd had a couple owners before from Dogs Trust but they never worked out. Unfortunately he had a very abusive past (not from the people who first adopted him from Dogs Trust of course, his original owner) so he does come with a few problems. Mostly over protectiveness of food but I'm hoping with time and love he'll let go of any negative connotations he has with humans and food.

Putting his past to one side, this dog is bloody hilarious! He looks so quirky, I cannot get over his fucking paws, I'm so in love with them. He has these mad bursts of energy where he runs around the flat and chases his tail, he tears every toy apart in about 10 minutes, he howls at you if you howl at him for long enough and if he gets excited enough about a walk, he can jump as high as your face to let you know.

Euan and I are both very aware it won't always be a walk in the park with our pooch, we have to take certain precautions when doing particular things so that he doesn't get a fright or think he's not in a safe place however I wanted this to remain a positive post about our gorgeous hound so I will write another about the kinds of problems we can face with him, look out for that in a few weeks.

This certainly won't be the last you'll see or hear about George, in fact if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you'll already be well acquainted with him however I thought I'd end this post with a wee collection of some cracking pictures I've got of him so far.

Until next time x


  1. He's gorgeous! I love his little legs! One of my parents' dogs is a rescue dog with an abusive past and food was a big one with him. He was eating so quickly that my dad thought he was going to choke himself so they had to give him a little bit at a time to begin with. I don't know how can be like that to animals.

  2. he looks like a proper character! I absolutely miss my dog but if I ever do get another one I think it'll be from a rescue centre <3

  3. He is so cute! My recent post is about my pets too! Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow my blog there, I'll follow your blog back!!! https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/anna-alina-3947784

  4. Awwh he's gorgeous! We lost our dog Bess two years ago (she was 17) and we still miss her (she also came from a dog rescue centre). We got a DNA test done on her as we'd never seen another dog like her (Jack Russell/Miniature poodle cross!) Look forward to future posts on George.


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