August in Edinburgh

August in Edinburgh can only mean one thing, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Offically kicking off today, I cannot fucking wait to totally submerge myself in the fringey fun as much as I can. Yes I'm one of those people who lives in Edinburgh but still totally thrives on the festival atmosphere. The city comes so alive, there's so much to do and sure there are some negative points but overall it's a bloody fantastic month.

I've been going to the fringe properly for about 5 years now and I've made some amazing friends through it, be they performers, fellow show goers, friends of friends, you get the idea. You meet a lot of people, some good, some not so good and some just downright amazing!

I picked up a copy of the fringe book quite a while ago and had these grand plans of actually organising fringe days but I've done my usual of fuck all so here it is, I'm having my first fringey day tomorrow and I have no plan!

What I do have are my 5 must go see at least once acts that comprises of Roger Cumsnatch/Monkeypoet who I have been to see the past 5 years after going to see him on a total whim, best Fringe choice I've ever made! Mawaan Rizwan, I'd been following Mawaan on youtube for years so when he announced his Fringe debut last year I made sure to go and then ended up going another 6 times. That's right I went to his show 7 times, by the end of the week I think I knew every word to his show and he was probably sick of seeing me but each time I went I took someone new with me so they could see it too. Chris Coltrane who again I only saw for the first time last year but he made me laugh so much I cried at some points, that's enough reason to go see him again!

My last two are one of my favourite mother/daughter acts since Rory and Lorelei, Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie. They are doing their own separate shows but I couldn't not mention them together, such a ridiculously funny team. I saw Janey last year doing a free show in the hottest fucking room on the planet but didn't get the chance to see Ashley so this year I'm fixing that!

I will be trying to go to as many new shows as I can as well, now that I'm living back in the city I don't have as many restrictions as I have previous years, I wonder how many new people I'll fall in love with this year!

Are you fringing this year? Anyone in particular you want to see? Got any recommendations for me? Let me know below!

Until next time x

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