Quitting Smoking Again...

Yeah, yeah I'm attempting to quit smoking for like the 17th time. I know. I get it. Know what else I get though? How utterly stupid smoking actually is. If you think about it, the cost for one (although I did used to smoke £6.99 Sterling fresh bursts so not the most pricey), the smell, all the related health complications it can give you. But that damn nicotine is so fucking addictive duh Alana. I've used apps before to help me quit but somewhere down the line I do end up caving and going back to them. I had a plan this time though.

I recently went to Skye with my partner Euan and his family (I'll no doubt write a post on that soon as some of the pictures I got were amazing!) so I decided on the last night of the holiday that I would have my last cigarette before midnight then that was me. It meant I could use the 5 hour drive home the next again morning to get through the worst of the cravings. That morning in itself was torture, nice hearty breakfast, getting everything packed and loaded into the cars, I normally would have had about 7 cigs in that time!

Before we left I made sure I had the right kind of app downloaded and set up properly. I went with the popular Smoke Free which I have used in the past somewhat effectively. In an effort to motivate/bribe myself that little bit more, I actually paid the £3.99 for the premium version. The logic behind this being that if I did cave and smoke, I'd be so annoyed at myself for wasting the money on the app. Sounds ridiculous but it's working so far!

At the time of writing this I'm 8 days going into 9 no smoking, I have been using an e-cig but I don't think I would have gotten this far without it. There have been a couple times I've forgotten to charge it which haven't ended well for my mood or fingertips but I'm proud that I didn't just go buy a packet of fags. I'm now getting into the habit of letting it charge overnight while I sleep so that when I wake up in the morning it's good to go!

If you only want to use the countdown function of the app that's perfectly fine of course, use what you think will help you the most but there are a few other features I quite like about the app. They definitely help if I'm feeling the urge to go buy cigarettes.

The screenshots above are what you're usually greeted with, it's just the one screen but it flips between each amount. So the money saved is an accurate reading based on what time you quit, how many you smoked, how much a packet cost (it asks you for all this info as you're setting up don't worry!)

My favourites to keep an eye on are the money saved (my plan is to put this money aside when and as I have it), the hours you've regained from quitting and the cigs not smoked section. They all build up so quickly, it's actually quite fun to watch.

These ones here appeal to the geeky side of me and actually shows all the health benefits change in real time again depending on how long you've stopped for. The first couple on the left there, you can get to 100% after pretty much the first day, the ones further down the bottom on the right there will take months, years to get to 100% but I love watching them climb higher and higher. It's kind of like I'm racing myself and who doesn't love a bit of self competition?

Obviously it's only been 8 days so in the grand scheme of things it's not actually that long but the only times I've thought about smoking have been when I don't have the e-cig near me. Cravings were a bit hairy during the first couple days but they've died down for me.
I also found that in the beginning I was glued to the e-cig, using it for probably much longer than I was supposed to but these days I'll pick it up, use it for about 5 minutes (about the same time it would take to smoke a fag...) then put it down and leave it for a while.

I haven't been tested on a night out yet as I haven't had any but I'll definitely be making sure the e-cig is charged and ready to go and that my phone has plenty battery for me to check back on my wee screens to steel myself. Pokemon Go is also becoming a fantastic distraction but more on that another time!

Are you a fellow quitter? Any tips or advice you'd like to impart?

Until next time x

Disclaimer: I wasn't asked by anybody to write this post


  1. Wow, the 'money saved' is insane! If that doesn't motivate you, I don't know what will!

    1. I know right! £36 quid in 8 days, that's mad. How many new bits and bobs could I have been spending that money on instead?!

  2. Good for you, it is soo difficult to do but the money you are saving is amazing!
    Its great that there is an app to help you too!
    L x

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping once I get paid to put away the money I've 'saved' and continue doing that until it builds up a bit! x


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