Upgrading my vaping experience | First Impressions

Yes I'm writing another vape piece, I'm not even sorry. Today our focus is on ECigaretteDirect and this is quite a step up from my Subvod, prepare yourself for technological fanciness. I was very kindly sent this kit out and after having the choice of 4 options (beginner, intermediate flavour, intermediate clouds and advanced users) I went with the intermediate flavour. I'm a big fan of flavour when it comes to vaping, I started it as a means to giving up smoking and the whole cloud thing doesn't interest me. I just need something that I'd rather have than cigarettes. I absolutely loved the look of the advanced battery but knew it was just too far out of my comfort and knowledge zone when it comes to vaping. Maybe in the future I'll upgrade but for now let's get on with this kit.

When the dreaded writer's block hits | WORD VOMIT

And boy did it hit me hard. I woke up a few weeks ago and could not write. For days, it didn't matter where I sat with my laptop, what I was wearing or how much coffee I'd had that morning. I tried listening to different playlists or putting films on in the background. With headphones and without. I sat in silence, I sang to myself and nothing worked. I could not form words let alone whole sentences. So I took a step back. 

Pawsomebox December

I've seen a few posts flying around the blogging world about Pawsomebox and thought it was such a great idea, so when they offered to send me one out for George I couldn't say no. This was our first christmas with George so he did get a tad spoiled. So much in fact that he has treats and chews to probably last the first 5 months of 2017. While he'll give a bark when the door goes he never destroys any post or packages that come through so he didn't spoil any of the surprises waiting for him inside this box!
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