First foray into Kiko

Kiko is one of those brands that I've known about for a while but never had the chance to try out until now. During a visit through to Glasgow to visit Euan's niece (about a month or two ago) we had some spare time around Glasgow Fort, which by the way, is fucking huge! I'd quite happily live next door to it, if it wasn't in Glasgow. I get quite bad travel anxiety and for some reason it's extra bad when I'm going to and in Glasgow, which is odd because I've lived there before.

My Eyebrow Story



After spending far too much time trawling the dark recesses of the internet that holds photos I pray nobody finds I've managed to chronicle my eyebrow story and boy what a tale it is! The only years I can't account for too well are 2006 and 2007. My memory is absolutely atrocious but I believe I was in Glasgow then London and pretty much off the internet grid. Over the course of that year I'd dropped out of uni, moved in with my first love, moved to London single and very unhappy, became an alcoholic and drug addict, couch surfed for a good few months then returned to Scotland to essentially stop myself from killing myself with drugs and alcohol. 

*Woah this post took a turn.
With all that happening you can maybe understand why there aren't any pictures.

As well as eyebrows you'll see the evolution of my makeup which is an entirely different story in itself! If you'd like me to do a post talking more about that then leave me a comment or fire me a tweet (@aroseforepona_). For now though let's crack on with this post. Please enjoy my hilarious past.

Apart from a brief stint with a razor (shut up we've all been there) I didn't touch my eyebrows. As I mentioned previously my memory is awful but if I can recall I wasn't a huge fan of them. However I also didn't know anything about makeup (clearly, look at me) so I didn't know or bother finding out how to 'fix' them. I tried plucking them once and the first hair hurt so much I didn't touch another pair of tweezers for years.

2008, 2009 and 2010
I started getting my brows waxed and would very infrequently pop into any random salon to get them touched up. I can't remember a thing about why or where I started getting them done but I soon moved on to my next (and favourite) way of having my brows done. Threading. I still remember the first time I got them threaded. I was in a salon on London Road (probably long shut down now) and I was craving a wax. I needed to get them done or my day would be ruined. The woman told me they didn't do waxing but that she offered threading services. I'd never heard of it before so after she explained what it was to me, I decided to jump in and try it. This was when the flicker of a brow obsession started to grow. I was in for a wild ride, and now so are you.

THE YEAR I FINALLY DISCOVERED EYEBROWS and fuck me if I didn't dive in head first. Bless that tiny shop in Falkirk that probably doesn't exist anymore. I started getting my brows threaded and now even tinted on a much more regular basis. Turns out I'm allergic to henna but that's a story for another day. One day, my brow lady asked if I wanted to buy a product to fill them in myself at home. I was terrified but handed over the £30 wondering if I'd be able to create what she created here in her shop. The answer to that was of course no, but I did manage to create these long ass, too far arched messes that I wore with pride every day for now I had eyebrows. Now I was woman. Fuck knows why I equated having visible eyebrows to womanliness back then.

The flattest, straightest eyebrows you will ever see in your life courtesy of the London Dungeons. Possibly not my best look.

Year of the arch. After those flat bastards I started paying more attention to the shape and arch of my brows. This was the year I'd either watched a video on YouTube or seen a post somewhere telling you how to shape your brows using the pencil against the nose trick.

I don't know what made me think that brows heavy in the front and lighter on the tails was a good look but damn they were nicely shaped! Still running with the pencil trick but obviously trying out various pressures (at the completely wrong points, but don't worry this story has a happy ending).

Year of the thinnest fucking eyebrows. I look like Cruella de Vil. I mean they're not horrendous if previous years are anything to go by but I can safely say I won't be returning to these brows anytime soon.

Year of the 'compliment' brow. In this past year I've watched so many YouTube videos, I've read so many blog posts and tutorials on how to do your brows. I've spent hours playing around with shapes and products to present you all with (if I do say so myself) some pretty banging eyebrows. I'm often complimented on my brows these days and it's honestly such a confidence boost. Yeah I suppose it's a bit shallow and superficial but I've no problem admitting I love getting a compliment here and there.

What an absolute rollercoaster! I really hope you enjoyed this post as I absolutely loved writing it. Have you chronicled your eyebrow story? Leave me links to your posts or videos below.

Benefit prize haul

I really need to iron my 'backgrounds'
I thought for my first proper comeback post I'd show you the prizes from a giveaway I recently won. I'll enter giveaways as and when they pop up, never thinking I'll actually win them so when Andrew from Beauty and the Boy got in touch with me on twitter to let me know I'd won his Benefit Summer Edit, I did actually do that sitting down happy dance. Before winning all these products I'd only tried one of them (I got the Ready, Set, Brow as a magazine freebie recently) so I was pretty excited to have a whole heap of things I'd never used before and if I'm honest, never looked that much into.

Benefit has always been a brand that I've been aware of but never actually used much from as it's a bit pricey, most products start at about £18 (if that's wrong, let me know) and that's just not in my price range. I can't really afford to spend that much money on one product so to win all these and get the chance to try them out is pretty fab. I'll no doubt do my usual of 'I don't want to use this product too much it's too pretty/I can't afford to repurchase/whatever other excuse my brain can come up with'. Look out for a post on that in the future actually!

Today's post will just be a quick run through then once I've tried out the products for a bit I'll get back to you all with reviews. Ok so in this first picture we have Hoola bronzer, Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer, Hoola bronzing and contouring brush and Hoola zero tanlines body bronzer. I'm the stereotypical pale Scottish girl so all this bronzing is quite intimidating! I even went so far as to pop in to the Benefit counter in Harvey Nics to ask one of the girls about the Hoola range. She very kindly popped some of the bronzer on my pus to show me how to work with it (use very little and a light touch by the way) and filled me in on other 3 products. I'll probably end up using the bronzer as a contour shade, I've tried bronzing before but I always end up looking stupid.

The liquid bronzer is probably the scariest product for me but I'm hoping that gorgeous brush is a miracle worker and doesn't make me look like a streaky mess. Again I'll probably just use this for contouring although I can safely tell you all now that it'll probably be a good while before I attempt this due to the brush. It's so beautiful I don't want to ruin it (sounds familiar right?) The body bronzer actually intrigues me quite a bit, especially that buffer brush that sits inside the lid. Plus now that we're approaching winter and tights are a staple, I can try it out on my legs and still cover them if I fuck up! 

In this picture we have Dream Screen SPF for face, Ka Brow eyebrow cream-gel (in shade 3), Porefessional matte rescue face primer and Ready, Set, Brow clear brow gel. I'll probably end up saving the Dream Screen for Spring/Summer when I'll need it most, it'll be pretty handy to fling in my bag for top ups throughout the day. Doing my brows is probably my favourite part of putting on a face so I'm looking forward to trying out the Ka Brow. I've no idea if shade 3 will work on me so if it doesn't I'll find it another home where it'll get used. While I love the tiny brush hidden in the handle I probably won't use it that much as I prefer using long handled brushes for a bit more control.

I've tried the original Porefessional before and while it's completely raved about, I didn't get the hype. I tried it and just did not get on with it, I didn't like what it did to my face. Hopefully this matte version is completely different but if not, again I'll pass it on to someone else who can get use out of it. As I mentioned earlier I've already tried the Ready, Set, Brow, I got it as a magazine freebie and to be honest, I love it. I haven't tried many eyebrow gels so there are probably just as good dupes out there for a fraction of the price (if you have any recommendations, hit me up!) but for now I'll keep using this and it's mini sister until I need to purchase another.

Well that's it for today. Have you tried any of these products? Love em or hate em? Let me know below and if you have any bronzing tips please give me them!

Break time is over

Oh look at that, it's been almost 7 weeks since my last post. It's been a combination of things if I'm honest, laziness crept in along with not planning as well as I could have. I left my camera in Glasgow and didn't get it back for a few weeks and I've had some pretty hellish periods/illness knock me out for a bit. It's happened, I'm ready to move past it and get back into the habit of blogging again.

It's odd, the 'madness' of blogging actually calms me. Once I get past the initial 'Oh I don't want to sit and schedule tweets, or have a photography session, or sit for 3 hours editing photos' and actually sit down to do these things, I do enjoy them! It gives me something to focus on and keeps my mind nice and busy which in turn leads to less dips in my mental wellbeing. And I am all for that!

Although I've always said I'm not a fan of schedules, I feel like I'm at the stage where I need one so that I don't end up taking another 7 week break. Before I would have periods of such productivity that I'd get a load of posts done and scheduled which would keep me going for a few weeks but then I might not have another day like that and once the previous posts were worked through, I wouldn't have any more to continue. 

With that in mind, I've decided that from now on,  I'll have posts go live on a Monday and Friday at 9am. It is a schedule but a very loose one, it still gives me some wiggle room in case some days are more productive than others. It also means I'm not trying to get posts out every couple days and stressing myself out. I honestly admire daily bloggers so much, they are so much more committed and have organisational skills that I can only dream of!

Whilst I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of writing (and everything else that goes along with blogging), I'm also looking forward to getting back into reading all of your blogs so to finish off, all I ask is you leave your most recent posts below in a comment so I can have a nosey!
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